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This is the tumblr account to support my photography website that I sell through. I am a street, landscape, nature, art photographer who's goal is to capture life. Nothing more, nothing less. This is not my job or my hobby, it is my passion & my love. I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes...

Life Behind The Lens  
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I often have discussions that involve me talking about the kind of photography I do. I usually use the phrase, “I don’t shoot people”. That’s not completely accurate. I guess more appropriately, I don’t shoot posed photography. I have the utmost respect for those who do that craft (well). It is a completely different art form than what I do, but equally as relevant. Families want their years documented & people want to beautifully remember the day they married their best friend. There is nothing like a smile from a baby or the embrace of a couple announcing their engagement. Those things are all incredible & should be captured as a moment in time, but they’re not the things I want to shoot. 

Trying to categorize what type of photography I do is difficult. Some people call it art/landscape & some people call it street photography. The fact is that I guess I shoot everything, I just do it in real time. If I see a cool exchange on the street of two people who don’t care that others are watching, I’ll shoot it. If I see a cool building that speaks to me in some way, I’ll shoot it. If the sky opens up with incredible color, I’ll shoot it. And if someone unique grabs my attention, I’ll definitely shoot them if they let me! haha

It comes down to this… Photography is an art form & its camera ready players all have different inspirations. Those who truly KNOW their craft (meaning they aren’t shooting everything on “auto” & then Photoshopping it to death) all have a style & vision that is uniquely their own.
So when I say, “I don’t shoot people”, what I mean is that family photographers have their “people” & I have mine.
These are mine…

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