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This is the tumblr account to support my photography website that I sell through. I am a street, landscape, nature, art photographer who's goal is to capture life. Nothing more, nothing less. This is not my job or my hobby, it is my passion & my love. I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes...

Life Behind The Lens  
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He hadn’t seen the bath water for a little while, he had a lot of his worldly possessions with him, he played & sang from his soul & all he cared about was that I made sure to get his pooch in the shot.

No matter where you are in life, remember that it could be worse & to be thankful & cherish the things that bring joy to your life. Sometimes they’re all you have.

Driving or walking by this gorgeous mural of Nelson Mandela, that was painted by the great Peat Wollaeger, always puts a huge smile on my face! It is located on Cherokee St. (which is fitting) & it stands as a reminder to be kind & to stand up for the things you believe in. This incredible man was & still is a beacon of hope & a symbol of resilience & strength in a difficult world. Those are the humans I most admire.

"For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
~ Nelson Mandela

4 Hands Brewing - St. Louis, MO

I wish I could accurately describe the smell in these craft breweries. To a craft lover, it’s just plain delicious. These people take such pride in their product. The business & consumer parts of me both applaud that. It’s a labor of love to do things the right way with a little creativity in the mix. It doesn’t hurt that they usually have people working in them that appreciate the arts & are totally cool with me shooting whatever I want. :)

Now that’s a tasty tasting flight! Thanks 4 Hands Brewing, as always, for the delicious beer & awesome service. Good beer, good people. I’m down with that!

Sometimes as a street photographer you find yourself in awkward situations. The gentleman with the facial piercings was becoming increasingly agitated when I shot this photo. Everyone had an eye out for what he might do next & it turned out to be just some odd behavior before someone in the crowd rushed him away from the area.

Although many people think this should scare me or make me apprehensive about shooting in the city I love, it doesn’t. People are people & when you put a lot of them together, things sometimes get strange. It’s a fact of life.

Despite the fact that I grew up in an area that had a slight fear of anything city, I have a healthy curiosity for it & I’m incredibly thankful for that. The world is full of interesting stories & awesome humans. The sketchy events are very few & far between in my world of street photography & the positive moments FAR outweigh the negative ones.

In other words, whatever risk some think I may be taking, I don’t see what I do that way & hopefully never will. I could step in front of a bus tomorrow, but that doesn’t make me want to stay in the 4 walls of my address. Life is for the living & I plan on doing just that. :)

These guys are always super friendly to me when I’m walking around with my camera. I promised them I would put up their pic. Here ya go, guys! Keep doin’ what ya do! I appreciate the entertainment! :)

A much needed break…

This gentleman plays the flute in the Loop on most warm days. He does anything from show tunes to jazz numbers. I admire the talent of these people who come out & grace the world with their talent. It may not be in the typical setting for most musicians, but it’s their passion & they do it where they’re allowed. I hope that never changes.

She told me about her life during the time when she was homeless. She talked to the guy doing his card trick & told him how impressed she was by it. She gave me her thoughts & opinions about photography & how she thinks it can change the world. She did all that with this huge smile.

I thanked her for that & counted my blessings.

These ladies made my day yesterday. I was with my Photo Flood STL photography group documenting the McRee Town area last night when these young women took interest in what I was doing. I wasn’t the only one, many members of my group had the same experience. haha

I took a minute to talk to them & I’m very thankful I did. The young lady in the black tshirt was especially curious about my camera & where she could find the photos I took once I left. I gave her my card & promised that I would post one on my page so she could see it. Here it is. She even took my camera for a second so she could take a picture of me. For all those who know me, you know that I don’t like my pic taken unless I’m doing it myself. haha I let her though because if it makes her have an interest in it in the future, it’s worth it to me.

These kids may not seem important to most strangers, but they are to me. They are spirited, inquisitive, smart & full of life. Not to mention a little attitude sprinkled in for good measure. What young woman doesn’t have a little (or a lot) of that?

This is another one from last week. This guy comes out each day that it’s nice & brings an amp, a mic & his skills. He throws down some serious beat box in the Loop & I always appreciate his entertainment. Again, hard to tell if it’s 1984 or 2014 sometimes. ;)

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